Wanting it is NOT enough

trust yourself

How many times have we been told that having a clear goal in our mind, wanting success with all your heart will make our dreams come true? I don’t know if for you this is is enough but, for me, it has never worked if an ingredient was missing. The secret ingredient my dear friendĀ is called “RESILIENCE”!! It means that you can be hit and hit countless times and still stand with your direction in mind, no matter what people around you think or how discouraged you feel.

Where do I take all this energy you might ask? My answer is to always stay around positive people and possibly to spend quality time with people who have already reached your goals before you. Forget about moaners, naysayers, or even that little voice in your head that tells you that you must fit in your little cubicle and keep your permanent office job.

You can’t afford leaving your 9-to-5 boring job? Leverage on it! Stay on your job and keep learning, educating yourself, making attempts and mistakes until the time is right. You will know it. You will know because your mind will be strong enough to go on your own, your ideas will be making enough money to stay alive and you’ll see your business grow in many departments.

One last tip…just celebrate every single victory. Even the smallest thing that shows you that you are moving forward. It’ll happen my friend…it’s already happening while you are reading this and watching the video below:

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2 Responses to Wanting it is NOT enough

  1. Meiko Martin says:

    This goes with the quote that goes something like, “It’s now how often you fall that counts, it’s how often you get up.”

  2. franamico says:

    Exactly Meiko. It takes strength, all high achievers can confirm that.

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