Using solo ads to grow your list (WARNING)

Most marketers and business owners agree that solo ads are one of the best and most cost effective ways to build your customer list. However, most newbies end up spending a fortune in solo ads thinking that if they buy enough of them they will eventually start making sales. In the meantime, while their credit card bill gets bigger and bigger they wonder why they were told isn’t just working for them…

What most young online entrepreneurs don’t seem to understand that those solo ad sellers they have been reading great reviews about sell their service not just to them but to tons and tons of other marketers. So, while you seem to be getting excellent results out of your solo ads, you’ll end up stuffing your email list with the emails of people who are literally bombarded by all kinds of offers every single day and who have eventually become ad blind. This means that, while your new subscribers might be really interested in your product, they also are completely overwhelmed by all the opportunities they come across every single day.

You’ll see that something is funny about your list as soon as you notice that nobody ever opens your emails or clicks on your links. This is what I would plainly and simply call being stuck in a rut. You keep spending money in solo ads but you are making nothing…not a great story to tell your friends and family indeed.

On the other hand, there are other ways to attract customers to your business. These include both free and paid traffic generating strategies. Here there are three main alternatives to solo ads:

  • Blogging. Yes, blogging…this takes time and dedication. Plus results come slowly. However, the people who subscribe through your blog do so because they find what you have to say interesting and hence are way more likely to open your emails or buy from you at some stage. They might be newbies (and still not prey of your competitors) or simply decided to receive your emails because they think you have something special to offer them.
  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising. This is a much faster traffic generating strategy. Obviously, it’s not free and if you don’t know what you’re doing it could become really heavy on your credit card bill. However, leads generated through PPC advertising are more likely to convert into buyers as when they have found you through an active search. In other words, they joined your newsletter after careful evaluation of the value they think you can add to their life/business.
  • Video marketing. Another free traffic generating technique that leverages the power of video publishing sites like Youtube to connect with potential customers. While video marketing is really powerful, it’s not for everybody. Some people find it hard to confidently speak in front of a camera or simply can’t communicate effectively if their native language is not the same of that of their target customers.

So, if you are struggling with solo ads (i.e., not getting the results you were told to expect), I hope that now you have an idea of how to tweak your overall traffic generating strategy, which I also hope will help you save some money.

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