Stop finding excuses for not getting what you want

stop making excuses

Are you getting what you want in your life? If you just answered yes, this article is not for you however, if you think that you deserve more from life and have the habit to find excuses for not getting what you want, I suggest you keep reading…One of the advantages of living in modern societies is that we usually have what we need to live a decent life. We want something, we go buy it…we ask our friends and family if they can help and eventually we get it.

However, sometimes life presents us with challenges whose solutions can’t be bought anywhere in town and that nobody but ourselves can find. Usually this happens when the solution we are looking for must generate from a deep change inside ourselves, a change without which things won’t happen for us.

Very often we are tempted to think that success is a straight line and we get frustrated for not getting where we want to be when we desire it. This frustration often leads us to finding all kinds of excuses, including giving the fault for our “problems” to people around us, including over loved ones. Truth is that the environment that surrounds you is what it is.

If you don’t accept it as it is and don’t start looking inside yourself to find the right strategies to get what you want, you will get stuck to where you are, angrier and angrier at the people around you (even those who love you the most) and always finding new excuses to fail.

Here’s a great video from the movie Rocky Balboa (one of my favorite motivational speeches)  that puts that goes straight to the point:

3 Responses to Stop finding excuses for not getting what you want

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow it all looks so real to me but with a small pension that I get I can just dream of getting rich one day I am going have to say goodbye to this offer and live the way I am liveing now unless I win at the casino my heart is sore for leaving but u will understand thanx for thinking and try to help me it was great to be able to talk to some one that is not frm my country goodbye my friend

  2. Shedrick jackson says:

    Thanks a lot sir!!!

  3. Raymond Starns says:

    He is right you got take the lesson to get to the top, but I have lost everything I owned due to this last flood of 2016 in Denham Springs Louisiana, I am a victim of circumstances , I need help but I have no one to turn to get help.

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