Can you retire at 33? (Lawrence Tam’s Inspiring story)

Let’s be honest here…working in a cubicle is unhealthy and super boring. Unfortunately though, this is what most people do to make their living…worst of all is that this is what most people are taught while they are growing up when it comes to earning a living…

So here’s my question to you? Are you happy about your work environment? Is this what you’ve almost dreamt of?  If your answer is yes, great…however, if you believe you deserve more than working from paycheck to paycheck, commuting everyday to work for a boss who barely remembers your name and retiring on a low pension after working for at least 40 years, I urge you to watch this video by Lawrence Tam. Lawrence was working as an electronic engineer until the age of 33. He now works  from home living a super comfortable life and no longer needs to wake up every day to go work and spend most of his day in a cubicle:


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