How to quit your employee mindset

One of the best advantages of working online from home is that you get to choose the lifestyle you want. You work at your own pace and nobody tells you what to do. However, is that really so? What are the consequences if you don’t put enough work on your business?

In the video below, MOBE’s founder and CEO Matt Lloyd talks about his own experience and what it means for him to run a multi million dollar business that he started from scratch:

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4 Responses to How to quit your employee mindset

  1. tilka says:

    hmmm looks nice 😀

  2. franamico says:

    Glad you enjoyed the video

  3. Francis says:

    Great insights and inspiration information on how to remain committed an online entrepreneur. I wish I knew about these approaches earlier than today….

  4. franamico says:

    Hey Francis,
    Great to know that you enjoyed the video. Matt is absolutely brilliant…

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