Getting rid of doubt

cognitive dissonance explained

How many times, even after having made the decision to take our life to the next level, do we stop and doubt about our goals, our skills, our future? If we already said to ourselves that we believe in ourselves, why is doubt trying to spoil it for us?

The reason for this is quite complex. However, it has been known for decades by psychologists and psychiatrists. It’s called “cognitive dissonance”. In a nutshell,  our unconscious mind is still working on the same old gear, out of pure habit.

Our brain makes sure you stay where you are if for whatever reason you managed to survive in your particular environment. Now, if you are determined to not just survive but to achieve results that are beyond your comfort zone, you must constantly feed your mind with more and more positive energy to fully establish the new beliefs that will assist you in achieving your goals.

This is why it’s so important to spend your time with as many positive people as possible….doers rather than moaners, strategists, warriors rather than people who can only focus on frustration. Your mind is like a sponge. It elaborates what the senses bring to it and then gives everything back.

Here’s a true story that I promise will touch you deeply and, yes, will charge your batteries:

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