Feeling ALIVE again (or for the first time?)

get out of depression

No matter who we are, how old, how strong, how much money we have, we can all face difficult times and feel overwhelmed at times. However, some of us decide that their problems are insurmountable and guess what, their problems become all they can see.

I remember thinking this way, which led me to places in life that I hope you will never know. It was when I decided that my life could be re-built and that I only needed to learn new strategies to solve my problems that I realized that I had lived in an illusion for many years.

The illusion was created by those very “problems” that I now see as exciting opportunities for growth and wealth (not necessarily financial). If this sounds like the moment you’re going through right now, I urge you to watch this video. The best way to get out of this big hole is to understand that it cannot last forever. You can live a happy and prosperous life by first appreciating all the goodness in your life.

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