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Are you in CRISIS mode? (3-step solution)

Are you stuck in a constant cycle of “being in crisis”? You’re not alone. Everyone has mental and emotional stresses – some  are just on a MUCH bigger level. In this video by legendary entrepreneur David Sharpe, you’ll learn a simple 3-Step formula to identify and BREAKTHROUGH most any crisis. This should be extremely valuable whether you’re a successful entrepreneur or

Being Authentic in Business

In a marketplace full of fake and phony, there’s one SURE FIRE way to stand out from the crowd and build a brand that people follow RELIGIOUSLY and FAITHFULLY. How? KEEP IT REAL. Seriously. KEEP IT REAL. Here’s legendary entrepreneur and live speaker David Sharpe talking about just this: Keep it Real


“Why is all this happening to me?…Why do I have to deal with bad stuff all the time?” Have you ever asked you these questions? Do they sound familiar at least? Here’s a short video from legendary entrepreneur, co-founder of Empower Network David Sharpe talk about how he way able to win his drug addiction