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Ten thousand hours: Is it all it takes?

Ever said to yourself things like “he’s got the talent in his blood” or…”She’s just natural…”, after witnessing something so incredible you’d never think it would be humanly possible? Something you are secretly jealous of, something you wish you were capable of doing yourself… Truth is that what you witnessed in a few minutes were the

Accepting the good with the bad

Michael Jordan, the pro Basketball Champion, takes us through his life through this inspiring narrative. He talks about accepting the good with the bad is part of training and must be accepted with grace. Another great lesson he teaches us is that through pursuing what we genuinely love is a much easier and faster way to

Wanting it is NOT enough

trust yourself

How many times have we been told that having a clear goal in our mind, wanting success with all your heart will make our dreams come true? I don’t know if for you this is is enough but, for me, it has never worked if an ingredient was missing. The secret ingredient my dear friend is

How to create your perfect day

In general, only 1-2% of the population ever writes their ideas and goals down on a regular basis. Yet, among successful people writing about their goals is very common. Ironically, it’s always those crazy ones who have all the fun changing the world seeing the invisible before it happens. In the following video, Brian Swan will talk about

You’re a millimeter away from success – Tony Robbins

Here’s one of my Tony Robbins’ speeches about success achievement (I have watched this particular video at least 10 times). The key message here is: “When it seems impossible, when it seems that nothing is going to work, you’re usually a few millimeters aways from making it happen”. Watch the video and listen carefully: