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Paulo Barroso’s story

Here’s the moving and inspiring story of a guy who was terribly in debt, working 12 hours a day at a job that wasn’t for him and with no purpose in life. This until he found the iPas2 system and put the necessary work on it. Today, Paulo is one of the leaders in this industry and has found a completely new balance

Using solo ads to grow your list (WARNING)

Most marketers and business owners agree that solo ads are one of the best and most cost effective ways to build your customer list. However, most newbies end up spending a fortune in solo ads thinking that if they buy enough of them they will eventually start making sales. In the meantime, while their credit card bill

What should be our basic purpose in life?

finding your purpose

What should be our basic purpose in life? What kind of society should we live in? Prof. Layard argues that the objective for our society should not be to become richer and richer. Wealth, he claims, is related to happiness only up to a point – and where the two diverge, we should not forget

Stop finding excuses for not getting what you want

stop making excuses

Are you getting what you want in your life? If you just answered yes, this article is not for you however, if you think that you deserve more from life and have the habit to find excuses for not getting what you want, I suggest you keep reading…One of the advantages of living in modern

Our Deepest Fear

What keeps us back is our fear of what we can accomplish. We are more powerful than what others around us want us to believe. Often we are bombarded with limitations and restrictions that cull our growth and our expectations of ourselves but we need to find a way to overcome all these fears and