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Getting rid of doubt

cognitive dissonance explained

How many times, even after having made the decision to take our life to the next level, do we stop and doubt about our goals, our skills, our future? If we already said to ourselves that we believe in ourselves, why is doubt trying to spoil it for us? The reason for this is quite

Would you follow you? (watch video)

Here’s a Question for you: “Would you follow you?”. Would get to that point when you really can look at yourself in the mirror and say “YES!”, with a proud smile? Why would this be so important to ask yourself? Simply because on this depends your life! Simply because this makesĀ a difference between living a

Feeling ALIVE again (or for the first time?)

get out of depression

No matter who we are, how old, how strong, how much money we have, we can all face difficult times and feel overwhelmed at times. However, some of us decide that their problems are insurmountable and guess what, their problems become all they can see. I remember thinking this way, which led me to places

Take a chance

Is it better to live a short life filled with joy and happiness or a long life of misery and stagnation?

Being grateful every single day of your life

being grateful quote

Do you think your life is missing something that other people are lucky to have? Do you wake up every morning thinking of what you don’t have rather than of what you have? Here’s a video that will remind you of all the things to be grateful for: