Wanting it is NOT enough

How many times have we been told that having a clear goal in our mind, wanting success with all your heart will make our dreams come true? I don’t know if for More »

Is iPas2 for you?

If you’re still wondering whether iPas2 is for real, I urge you to watch the video below. In the video. Chris Jones, co-founder of the iPas2 system will share with youhis experience More »

Using solo ads to grow your list (WARNING)

Most marketers and business owners agree that solo ads are one of the best and most cost effective ways to build your customer list. However, most newbies end up spending a fortune in solo More »

What should be our basic purpose in life?

What should be our basic purpose in life? What kind of society should we live in? Prof. Layard argues that the objective for our society should not be to become richer and More »

Stop finding excuses for not getting what you want

Are you getting what you want in your life? If you just answered yes, this article is not for you however, if you think that you deserve more from life and have More »


The power of kindness

Trying to make money online? Watch this video now. Thanks for visiting!Kindness creates a ripple effect that can change someone’s life forever. Decide to make 2015 a year in which you’ll commit to being kind and helping others. If we each decide to be better, we’ll collectively make the world a better place. Being kind

Are you in CRISIS mode? (3-step solution)

Are you stuck in a constant cycle of “being in crisis”? You’re not alone. Everyone has mental and emotional stresses – some  are just on a MUCH bigger level. In this video by legendary entrepreneur David Sharpe, you’ll learn a simple 3-Step formula to identify and BREAKTHROUGH most any crisis. This should be extremely valuable whether you’re a successful entrepreneur or

Being Authentic in Business

In a marketplace full of fake and phony, there’s one SURE FIRE way to stand out from the crowd and build a brand that people follow RELIGIOUSLY and FAITHFULLY. How? KEEP IT REAL. Seriously. KEEP IT REAL. Here’s legendary entrepreneur and live speaker David Sharpe talking about just this: Get started with iPas2


“Why is all this happening to me?…Why do I have to deal with bad stuff all the time?” Have you ever asked you these questions? Do they sound familiar at least? Here’s a short video from legendary entrepreneur, co-founder of Empower Network David Sharpe talk about how he way able to win his drug addiction

Ten thousand hours: Is it all it takes?

Ever said to yourself things like “he’s got the talent in his blood” or…”She’s just natural…”, after witnessing something so incredible you’d never think it would be humanly possible? Something you are secretly jealous of, something you wish you were capable of doing yourself… Truth is that what you witnessed in a few minutes were the